SPC Flooring

SPC is the most recent advancement in flooring technology. It cleverly combines the aesthetic advantages of wood with the functional advantages of stone to create a one-of-a-kind vinyl plank. SPC is an abbreviation for stone plastic composite. It implies that SPC vinyl plank flooring is constructed with a combination of limestone and stabilisers, resulting in a notably robust core. SPC vinyl flooring, distinguished by its multiple layers, provides all of the functional and aesthetic benefits of ordinary vinyl floor tiles and improves on them through a rigorous practical design.

How is SPC vinyl plank flooring made?

SPC vinyl flooring is built in a layered fashion. As a result, SPC vinyl has multiple useful layers:

  • UV coating a protective finishing layer that inhibits discolouration caused by sunlight exposure.
  • Wear layer is the clear top coating put to the vinyl plank that contributes to SPC vinyl’s refined stain and scratch resistance.
  • Top coat layer of vinyl is thin, ensuring the flooring is watertight. It will also function as the primary aesthetic layer, projecting the flooring’s pattern, texture, and general appearance.

SPC core base layer is developed by engineering a combination of limestone and stabilisers, resulting in a reinforced and robust core.

SPC Flooring
  • SPC vinyl tiles can be fitted with a foam or cork underlay as an optional extra to minimise noise and soften the impact underfoot.

The advantages of SPC flooring

With such a unique and distinct creation method, it should come as no surprise that SPC vinyl flooring offers several benefits when utilised in both household and commercial settings:

  • Temperature-resistant stability: Because of the super-durable SPC core, SPC vinyl tiles will remain stable in changing temperatures, such as spaces with air conditioning or heating systems.
  • Easier installation: SPC flooring is simple to install, with a no-nonsense click-lock tongue and groove installation that requires no additional tools.
  • Higher affordability: While the price of your SPC floor tiles will vary based on whether you choose optional underlayers, SPC flooring is normally a low-cost flooring solution.
  • Waterproof: SPC floor tiles are completely waterproof, protecting against spills and splashes.
  • Noise reduction: The solid core of SPC adds to this flooring being typically quiet underfoot, never sounding hollow – especially if you choose a noise-reducer underlayer.
  • Simple maintenance: SPC flooring was created with simplicity in mind, and all it takes to keep it looking its best is a frequency sweep and clean.
  • Because of its thick, multi-layer construction, SPC flooring provides substantial cushioning underfoot. Of course, using an underlay softens the finish even more.


Why should you buy SPC flooring from Risala Flooring?

SPC flooring by Risala Flooring has great stability, and high performance, is entirely waterproof, has a high-density core, is indentation resistant, and is recyclable. Its stiffness gives dimension stability and longevity since planks, unlike vinyl tiles, do not shrink and expand in response to environmental conditions. Our SPC flooing is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is particularly resistant to mould, termites, and moisture. It has been installed and effectively used in kitchens, toilets, restaurants, gyms, and workplaces where significant wear and tear is common. Most importantly, it is fireproof and is quite affordable for any project.