PVC Flooring

Everyone aspires to plan out their home decor and setting meticulously. For example, interior design, furniture, and fittings are retained that resonate with a person’s aesthetics. What is sometimes overlooked, though, is the flooring and ceiling design. There are numerous methods to include the decor element into them as well. Flooring is an essential component of any home. While other elements, such as fixtures and furnishings, may change, flooring remains for a longer period, making it critical to choose the appropriate flooring option.

It is not easy to select an appropriate flooring option, especially when numerous decent flooring options are available. However, one material that stands out among the many alternatives is PVC flooring for residential areas. PVC flooring is becoming increasingly popular among those looking for high-quality flooring options. The key reasons are that PVC flooring is cost-effective and has a sleek overall appearance. You can do PVC flooring in an elegant, durable, and strong way. 

What Exactly Is PVC Flooring?

PVC flooring is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and is built in layers. PVC flooring distinguishes itself by combining the wonderful aesthetics of natural products such as wood or stone with maximal styling innovation in looks and durability, flexibility, and resistance strength. When it comes to flooring options such as wood, carpet, and many others, it is accessible in various patterns, styles, and colour styles.

PVC Flooring

There is PVC flooring for every household area that meets every need, preference, taste, and aesthetic. We create the product to be perfectly suited to the end user’s applications. According to usage needs, the Skid Safe line offers a broad choice of products with particular properties such as PUR, anti-bacterial, fire resistant, food grade, anti-fungal, and so on. 

Key Features Of PVC Flooring

  • It is simple to maintain

A smooth and waterproof surface characterizes a PVC floor: moisture or dirt cannot permeate through the top layer. It makes the floor simple to clean and maintain. Regular vacuuming and mopping are sufficient to keep the floor clean and sanitary. Solidfloor offers maintenance items that are specifically created for it. In this manner, you can ensure that your floor is well cared for.

  • Ideal for use in conjunction with underfloor heating

PVC floors have the unique ability to adjust to environmental temperature changes. The floors have a low heat resistance since they have a plastic underlayer and are quite thin. As a result, they can all be paired with underfloor heating, a luxury that can be added to a home.

  • Acoustic characteristics

PVC floors are sound-absorbing, which is perfect if your walls are thin or you live in an apartment building. Because of the different layers, one cannot hear your footsteps, and you can move through the space softly.


Why PVC Flooring By Risala Flooring Is The Best?

Our Anti Slip PVC Floorings are noted for exceeding R11 criteria for toughness and slip resistance and are ideal for high traffic and damp areas. We ensure that the PVC Anti-Skid Flooring has a long lifespan and does not de-colour during usage by keeping the same colour throughout its thickness. Depending on consumer preferences and requirements, the flooring is available in finishes ranging from ultra matt to super high gloss. We also provide rubberized flooring coatings to make the product more slip resistant.