LVT Flooring

If you want truly strong and long-lasting flooring, luxury vinyl flooring is the way to go! LVT is renowned as the strongest floor in the industry, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fashionable! First and foremost, LVT stands for Luxury Vinyl Tile flooring. LVT is frequently confused with more durable laminate flooring, and they behave quite similarly, but luxury vinyl is a separate type of flooring created from wholly different materials.

What is the composition of LVT?

LVT is made of PVC as its principal component rather than laminate flooring layers, making it incredibly stable yet flexible enough to be durable. Because luxury vinyl flooring has a PVC core, it is completely waterproof and will not warp or buckle like wood-centred laminate flooring. LVT is frequently referred to as a “hot pressed tile,” which partially explains how luxury vinyl is made. 

LVT is made up of a stabilising high-performance backing layer of vinyl, a PVC core, an HD photographic layer that replicates natural wood flooring, and finally, a scratch-resistant layer (often referred to as the wear layer) made of polyurethane and reinforced with either ceramic bead, silica bead, or aluminium oxide to ensure it stays in good condition. These layers are fused using heat and pressure to produce your LVT tiles.

LVT Flooring
LVT Flooring

What are the advantages of LVT?

Aside from being durable, luxury vinyl flooring has the added benefit of being 100% watertight and appropriate for underfloor heating. LVT is also relatively simple to install because it comes in tiles rather than sheets, allowing for more daring design initiatives. While LVT feels smooth underfoot and does not often show wear from normal usage, it can be damaged or torn by sharp objects or dragged across by furniture. Not what you want after spending time and money on new flooring.

How does LVT appear?

Because of this plastic feel, many people mistakenly believe that LVT is aesthetically very flat, with little to no texture or depth. Nowadays, print technology for flooring is such that LVT can produce a genuine appearing wood-effect vinyl tile that will not deteriorate over time due to its protective layer. If you’re debating between LVT and laminate, think about what kind of feel you desire. Because LVT is constructed of vinyl, it has a synthetic feel rather than a wood sensation. LVT may appear attractive when originally laid, but if exposed to sunlight, it will fade with time.

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